As a social enterprise, our prices are competitive without compromising on quality. Due to our commitment to putting people first and reducing unemployment among people who have Asperger Syndrome and other hidden conditions, we work differently from traditional companies. The profits of the enterprise are reinvested back into the enterprise in order to create further opportunities for employment and awareness. Through closely working with the client, we produce materials that are tailored to your needs and budget.

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Please see below for a number of example case studies.

Case Study: Promotional Video for a Social Enterprise
Breakdown For Promotional Video:
Hours Description
5 Filming at Community Partner Day
5 Recording of Sound at Community Partner day
4 Video Editing
4 Sound Editing
6 Original Music Composition

Two minute promotional video
No narration spoken word taken from speeches at event
Several clips from speeches with cutaways to other activities held on the day.

Case Study: Educational Video for a Non-Profit Organisation
Breakdown for Ten Minute Educational Video*:
Hours Description
4 Filming of Host of Educational Video
2 Filming of Cutaways for Educational Video
7 Recording of Sound For Educational Video
12 Video Editing
8 Sound Editing
12 Original Music Composition

Ten minute educational video
*Script provided
Four minuts of host talking to camera and six mins of cutaway footage with narration
Recording of sound to match video footage and narration.

Case Study: Informational Video for a Charity
Breakdown for Five minute Informational Video:
Hours Description
3 Filming for informational video
3 Recording of Sound for Informational Video
1 Recording of Narration of video
12 Video Editing
6 Sound Editing
8 Original Music Composition

Five minute informational video about a charity
Script Provided
Narration over cutaways of the day to day work of the charity opened and closed by a narrator
Custom piece of music composed.

Case Study: Social Entrepreneur Conference
Breakdown for Five hour conference for Social Entrepreneur:
Hours Description
5 Filming of conference
2 Filming of five one min interviews
1 Filming of cut aways for the interviews
7 Recording of sound at conference
5 Stills photography at conference
5 Editing of photos from conference
12 Video Editing
9 Sound Editing
6 Original Music Composition

Five hour conference filmed and edited down to a two minute highlight video with five one minute interviews filmed from the speakers
Custom piece of music composed for the highlight video with a one minute version made for the interviews./p>

Case Study: Streaming of Live Event for a Community/Voluntary Group
Breakdown for Two Hour Event:
Hours Description
3 Filming at Community Partner Day
3 Recording of Sound at Community Partner day
12 Video Editing
4 Sound Editing
6 Original Music Composition

Streaming of a three hour charity event to the internet and editing of a two minute highlight video.